Social Distancing Audio Solutions

Covid-19 changed the way we interact as humans. 


With social distancing rules in place, communication between people become more difficult, especially in environments such as retail, hospitality, education, etc.


With 18W of power, and a battery that last up to 9h, this portable speaker is the perfect device for noisy environments where people need to be heard.

Ideal for B2C companies, teachers, carers, nurses and all those who need to be heard with clarity, maintaining social distancing.


Technical Specifications

  • Carrying strap included

  • High Power speaker distortion free

  • Wireless microphone (UHF) with automatic pairing (up to 130 simultaneous devices)

  • Strong ABS casing (built for daily usage)

  • Internal battery with autonomy up to 9H

  • MP3 player and recorder built-in (record your speech) via microSD card

  • Dimensions: 83mm (w) x 109mm (h) x 37mm (d)

  • Weight: 0.2kg