It is our great priority to support businesses through the range of services that we provide.

With extensive knowledge of products and technical expertise, we focus our activity by offering solutions which cover most requirements.

For our clients, audio visual systems are important tools, and for that reason we are committed to deliver a variety of services that ranges from Project Design to Maintenance Contracts.

Project Design

Over the last 20 years we've been working in collaboration with engineering, architectural and interior design teams, providing support for customised and integrated audio visual solutions.

Popcorn Audio is always available to deliver complete audio visual projects, either through written specifications, plans and/or estimates.



Every project is subject to careful planning and execution.

From risk assessments to health and safety measures, our engineers are a team of accredited professionals, able to carefully conduct any task, and follow any project's guide lines.

Warranty & Maintenance

With hundreds of A/V systems commissioned, we are confident to offer extended warranties up to 5 years on our workmanship, giving our clients  peace of mind when a new system is installed.

Apart from our projects, we also make available maintenance contracts for any existent A/V system.

Sound Speakers