20+ years in the industry

Our Experience

For more than 20 years we have completed many hundreds of projects for a wide variety of users. Each one has been bespoke, designed to that user's particular requirements.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is always to deliver a well-engineered system that meets the user's requirements, is easy to use and provides high quality results, and just sits there and performs year after year, reliably and without trouble.

Our Expertise

With extensive experience of both new build and retrofit projects we can tailor an installation to your requirements. Our expertise covers a whole range of technologies from sound and audiovisual systems through to stage lighting and video installations.

Our Commitment to Results

In every case Popcorn Audio make every effort to ensure the system is a good fit to the user's requirements, is designed appropriately to the user's technical ability, is easy to use and is well integrated with other services.


Our Work

We deliver tailored A/V systems with the best hardware available in the market.


Our technical knowledge along with innovative brands allow us to provide our clients with the latest and most advanced technologies, improving the user experience.

Popcorn Audio design and install a variety of Audio Visual systems such as:

  • IP Audio

  • Background music & Public Address

  • Video Security

  • Conferencing & Video Conferencing

  • Wireless Presentation

  • Stage DMX Lighting & DSP Audio

  • A/V integration

IP Audio

With endless features, IP audio systems are today at the 'heart" of many retailers and projects such as airports, industrial units, shopping malls, schools, universities, among other facilities where audio flexibility and remote control are needed. 


Some of the main features of IP Audio systems are:

  • Remote control - Control an audio system anywhere in the world.

  • Ability of scheduling pre-recorded voice messages, such as advertising, announcements, emergency, etc.

  • Expanded number of different zones in a building

  • Integration with other external systems such as Fire & Intruder alarms.

  • Extensive number of music sources


Meeting Rooms AV

We know how important is the role of a A/V system in a meeting room. Both audio visual systems need to work seamlessly, and, at the same time, not interfere with the room's interior design.

We integrate A/V devices and connections into your meeting room furniture to reduce the amount of cabling and clutter.

Wireless Presentation

Wireless presentation systems became a commodity in most of offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.

Having a wireless A/V system means virtually no cables between devices, which translates in a cleaner and tidier workplace.

These systems can be programmed and customised to suit any requirement, making it easier to operate.

Sound Equipment

Stage Lighting & Sound

Stage lighting and pro audio systems are often seen in venues where light & sound reinforcement is needed.

We design DSP Audio & DMX Lighting systems for a variety of clients such as schools, music venues, village halls, and theatres.

Video Security

Popcorn Audio offers a full range of video security systems, including the latest cameras' technologies such as thermal and face recognition surveillance cameras.

From residential to commercial solutions, we work with a variety of equipment suitable for most budgets.

Security Surveillance